So Before this blog, I wrote up 6-7…maybe a million different blogs but they either sounded too emotional/ocean deep or cliché by the end of it so I scraped them and here I am, with a super original blog title with a topic similar to a breakfast smoothie… that being a mixture of everything.

This week hasn’t been the greatest week for me but we all have times where personal life gets in the way. Shout out to Linkin Park for letting me scream the stress out on the tube and Hawaa for buying me a leash.

If I’m honest, I’m still super ‘annoyed’ (I won’t bring out my French here) but if I’ve learn anything this week, it’s to keep going. This week I’ve felt like emptying the contents of a bakery truck into my mouth but instead I’ve been religiously eating kale, bone broth and vegetable smoothies. WHYYY? because my present attitude does not align with my future goals. IS IT WORTH IT? yes.

 I’ll end this with saying that it really is true that if you fail, fail and fail again, you will succeed and even in the worst of moods you will still have the will power to keep going. So If you’ve had a bad day today, I hope you have a better day tomorrow by making it a great day.