You know when you start getting cosy indoors…tapping away at your laptop, making calls, setting up meetings with cool interesting people – yes, that lovely ‘I’m getting things done’ feeling.

But, in a tiny corner of your brain you know (well if you’re on the entrepreneurial journey) that you need to get your chair shaped ass out the door and speaking to real people (um and yes not my colleagues, friends and family). It’s funny that the people you hope to use your product are the least people you want to speak to (well in our case).

There was no running away from it – it was our time to get cracking and get talking…and we did!

It wasn’t bad at all. It’s always hard to take that first step but once we set foot at our planned ‘bothering people’ destination and spoke to our first person, the ball got rolling and we learnt a lot!! What is strange is we found it oddly refreshing to be out and about amongst people.

Personally, what worked for me was to go into ‘dare mode’ – the mode where you’d do anything for a dare and really don’t care as long as you accomplish the dare. Once in that mode…it was easier to just go for it.

Well London, you proved to be good fun and no way as scary as we imagined. That said, we will be back for more! Keep an eye out as we freestyle through the crowd.

Hawaa 😀

p.s we’ve started a vlog on YouTube, check out our first attempt: