Sooo it’s that time of the year where we are all pumped to get writing our resolutions and have promised ourselves that this year will be different.


I remember when I started my mission to get fit… seems like just yesterday! All the fitness programs involved intense workouts of at least 30-minutes a day (argh so hard!) and well surprise surprise, it lasted a week and once I broke that chain I had to start over, muster all that motivation again and try and get pumped up enough to keep at it for longer than a week!


But you know, I sat there and realized that just because I couldn’t keep up with a full 30min workout everyday didn’t mean that I should give it up. Why did I give myself the hard choice of all or nothing? Especially when it is extremely hard to kick out old habits and build awesome new ones.


So instead, I decided that no matter what, I would make sure that I exercised everyday for as long as I could manage, whether it’d be 30, 15 or even 10-minutes on my worst days. No more excuses and no more ‘‘well since yesterday I couldn’t exercise then it’s pointless working out today, might as well start again next week’’.

Rather, I kept at it with my promise to not break my chain of change; it’s the most empowering feeling to know that you’ve managed to keep at it! Now, I don’t find it anywhere near as hard to exercise everyday for 30 minutes.


The reality is you can apply this rule to any good habit you wish to pick up in your life, I recently read how someone used this same mind set to get into the habit of flossing everyday. Check out what he wrote here.


So remember, once you’ve decided don’t wait and don’t feel disheartened that it may be taking you longer than someone else just focus on not breaking your chain of change, you can only move up!


Right! On to the next….


Hawaa 😀