We know where we want to go, we have a rough idea of the route ahead and most importantly we have packed all the important things we need for our journey but now we just need a reliable, economic and comfortable vehicle to take us to where we want to be or at least closer to where we want to be… and that’s where a start-up accelerator program comes in!

A start-up accelerator program, in our fascinating business-y world can be explained simply as a fixed-term program that includes mentorship and educational components, fancy right?

So, myself and Hawaa applied for three different accelerator programs and this involved filling out applications and all sorts. Once you are through to the semi-finals or finals you usually have to do a pitch. If any of you don’t know, a pitch is a way to secure funding for an idea and/or a start-up business and in our case we were pitching PlaqueChecker as an idea to get onto an accelerator program.  Not only do we have to really show how great our team is but also how well we work together, the milestones we have already reached, how INSANE the business idea is and how far it can go in the space of 5 minutes to a group of people who are interviewing us to decide whether we are worthy against a 100 others (AHHHH!).

I could go into a lot of detail but I’ll keep what happened pretty short. We applied to three different accelerator programs and we reached the semi-finals for one and the finals for two others. Although we were nervous as well as being fresh fish in the sea of entrepreneurs, our passion and expertise still shone through and we turned any uncertainty, disinterest and even a few patronising comments (woops) from our interviews into areas we could work on and we did!

After two of our interviews, we learnt so much about ourselves, the business and most importantly our possible users and the market! We managed to be accepted by our final accelerator program interview with Bethnal green ventures. WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moral of this story is to work hard, be prepared to take on ‘negative’ reactions and comments and use them as fuel to create an even greater business/idea.

So, it’s not only Disney who has happy endings, this story did too. We start working with the great Bethnal Green Ventures from January the 11th 2016 and we can’t wait to press on that accelerator and go go go!

Thanks for being part of the PlaqueChecker team.

Till next time,