Hey, it’s Gina!

There is nothing more valuable to us than our potential users and this is why I have a great connection with Camberley Dental Studio, where I am constantly exposed to experiences that we can all relate to. It’s also quite nice to be the one that no-one is scared of at the Dentist! I decided to make this blog entry a bit interesting by setting the scene and creating a story. Lights, camera, action!

It was a gloomy, dreary and rainy day. The sound of squelching shoes echoed the Dental Studio as patients walked in and out of the surgery room. One of these patients was an interesting gentleman, dressed in light grey tracksuits with damp patches from the hefty raindrops; possibly tears too, having just been released from the torment he received on the dental chair.

He dragged himself to the desk where I was eagerly awaiting his arrival. As he held his jaw in unmistakable agonyI smiled at him from the front desk not feeling very sure whether I should bombard him with questions – but I braved it and asked the most obvious question‘‘How are you feeling?’’ Well you can imagine the response…so I rushed to introduce myself and asked him what he regretted most when it came to his teeth and why he thinks it can be so difficult to manage our oral health. As he stood there contemplating whether the pain was worth it to answer, I followed with a strategic pretty please smile…BINGO. The kind gentleman answered that he wished he cared more about his teeth when he was younger. He was upset that he has to have all these fillings and other treatments and expressed how it is difficult to manage on top of his oral care, especially when he is not seeing the dentist regularly. Wow. I was eternally grateful for his thoughts (especially as he was still throbbing from all that treatment).

Hearing what he shared, mirrored the exact struggles I face and what many others have shared with me too. And so our journey continues with more vision and determination to bring a new exciting technology to enable us to care and manage our plaque and gums!

Till next time,