Why did I choose to join PlaqueChecker?

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Rojina (aka Gina) and I studied Biomedical Engineering with Hawaa last year. Whilst studying together to achieve our First class honours degrees, we discovered that we both aspire to make great things happen! We worked really well as a team, but little did we know we would end up here. Hawaa invited me to become Co-founder of PlaqueChecker and of course I said yes! * Wedding bells go off * I DO! Ok sorry back to the story.

I’ve always envisioned having an active role in preventative healthcare in order to improve the lives of others. I strongly believe that in this age of technology it is essential to be responsible for our own health and to find ways to deal with the core of all health related problems. PlaqueChecker is making this possible by bringing this technology to you.

Till next time potential fellow PlaqueCheckers!