So, where did the idea come from? Why plaque and gums?

Well, I knew as an engineer that I wanted to develop a device or program that helps us improve our health without the need to be with a professional; I remembered my sister who was rejected from the orthodontist because her plaque and gums were not up to the standard required for her treatment and I thought HEY! We have no idea how we are doing with our plaque and gums if we’re not at the dentist! I’m infrequent with the dentists myself, as I can’t pay for regular check-ups so would definitely be put at ease if I was able to keep track of my dental care right from home.

And thus began my journey to solve this. I researched, spoke to dentists and patients (us) and here I am a year on taking my program to the next stage – a stage where you can use it on your phone to monitor your oral health, reach your milestones and keep on top of your dental care.